Why outsource to MLR


There are many benefits in outsourcing payroll. The two major advantages, especially to the smaller employer are:




The cost saving is many-fold, including: 


  • Employment Costs 


  • Staff training


  • Holiday/Sickness cover 


  • Software purchase and maintenance 


  • Computer hardware to ensure all data is stored and backed up securely 


  • Stationery 




Payroll is now a real minefield and as an employer, PAYE is one of the essential elements you cannot afford to get wrong - the fines and penalties imposed for errors and non-compliance can be very costly and are a real threat to all employers. MLR can give you the peace of mind you need and give you back the time you need to focus on what you do best.


Outsourcing to a payroll bureau (using payroll-trained staff) will ensure that your deadlines and statutory obligations are met. You will also be prompted for the correct forms to complete and assisted as and when unusual or sensitive situations arise. MLR has the backing of HR and Tax experts as well as the IPP thus putting them in a very strong position. 


MLR prides itself in being able to provide the expertise whilst still maintaining the ‘Personal Touch’ it feels is equally important. MLR prides itself in having a team with the ability to listen to its’ clients, to understand their needs and tailor a service which best suits their requirements. We appreciate that no two clients are the same and react accordingly.


MLR really can take the headache out of payroll.

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